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Real estate images give people who want to look at a potential real estate offer the first and most important impression of the building. High quality photographs can be crucial when it comes to sorting out the properties someone wants to see or whether they want to see this e.g. B. Recommend to friends. This can lead to more broker inquiries. It is important to present images that offer a complete overview of the property while highlighting its best features.

Preparation is key

Before the first picture is taken, the property must be tidy and free of objects that could disturb the picture such as garbage, bins or newspapers.

Depending on the size of the space and the type of business, this can take a lot of organization, so allow plenty of time to prepare in advance.

Make a list of special features that you would like to highlight in the pictures; this will help you with the course of the shoot.

Potential buyers are interested in everything the building has to offer and pay attention to many small details, so that even bathrooms, basements or bicycle storage rooms have to be photographed from their best side.

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The right design can make a huge difference. If the interior looks dated or the space is empty, you should even consider renting furniture, pictures, or other objects to give it a more inhabited feel.


If exterior shots are important for marketing the property, you must make the client aware that the windows must be clean and that the exterior lighting of the building works. The garden and indoor plants should look neat. For example, if the building has illuminated signs on the facade, these can also be nicely presented.

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Timing is everything

Every building is different. What time of day does the property look best?

Before sunrise and after sunset are usually good times to take outside photos of a building. The advantage during this time is that the sky has little light and color - especially if the lighting is also used by the building.

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If you want to show off the property in natural light, photos should be taken in the middle of the day because the sun is then at a different angle. Here, however, you should take into account that the shadows can also be stronger.

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To best present the special highlights of your property, you also need the best weather. A roof terrace or a view of the harbor will not look so inviting under gray clouds and drizzle.

So be prepared to plan more than one photo shoot for a single property, or to make a new appointment in case the weather doesn't cooperate.

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Tips and tricks from professionals

A photographer's rule of thumb is to make sure that vertical lines like window and door frames always appear vertical.

A photo taken from a low angle has “converging” vertical lines. To avoid this, the camera should be held horizontally, i.e. it must not be held too low.

Think about whether your photo is really useful for a potential prospect, for example you don't have to photograph individual decorative elements just because they are well thought out if this does not add any added value for the prospect. Turn on all indoor lights and avoid using the camera flash.

Make sure that the reflections of the photographer or other objects do not destroy the harmony of the picture and check all mirrors, glass or shiny objects afterwards when editing the photos.

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Save yourself the special effects

Sure, photo editing software and smart devices have some great features these days for manipulating photos.

Light, color and filter settings can be used to adjust a photo in a few simple steps.

But the golden rule applies - just because you can does it doesn't mean you should do it.

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Using special effects like tiltshift can be overwhelming, but it can also distort the photo in a way that creates a very unnatural impression.

Let a great photo shine through without unnecessary reinforcement.

Be organized

Photos must be accessible and easily obtainable for promotional and advertising purposes.

Keep photo libraries for every object that is photographed.

High resolution images are required for brochures, advertising and reporting in the print media.

Use a cloud-based service to share images with stakeholders so they can be downloaded - don't email large files.

Make sure the caption and attribute information is correct and available for each image.