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The video is nowadays the most important thing when it comes to the marketing of products or artists.

This trend is constantly driven by well-known video portals. Internet videos have now become one of the most important areas on the web. Pictures alone are no longer enough to reach a large number of users. Intelligent algorithms give video sequences much more priority than, among other things, text descriptions or images. We develop an individual concept for you, whereby you set the standard. The presentation of the product and the conveying of emotions are our top priority. The best thing about a video is that it can be duplicated as many times as you like.

As a result, an above-average number of people can be reached, as the possibilities to represent it are so diverse. Assume that you are presenting your video on your website. At the same time, your employees can display it at your trade fair stand, with other viewers who you would not even expect as potential customers currently viewing your video on a video portal in order to ultimately see it at Facebook to share with your friends. To do this, you only have to have your video made once in order to be able to distribute it quickly and easily around the entire globe.

Meaningful messages, conveying with little filming time

Big results in a short time

Videos are often about conveying a message and touching the viewer emotionally. Image and music must match the message and trigger a feeling in the viewer that matches the message. It is not always necessary to book time-consuming shooting days in several rooms and locations in Germany. Through the targeted use of stock material, a professional project can be filmed in less than one day and completed the following day if there is time pressure. The clever combination of self-made clips and stock material creates an excellent result with significantly less investment of time and money.

Video completion contemporaneous at Event end

Present immediately after your event

If the prompt presentation of finished results is important to you, then I can support you.

Thanks to the quasi-parallel preparation and follow-up of the material in a team, the results can be produced while your event is running. This allows you to present the first results to your participants or give them to them right at the end and the final photos and videos will be shared by your participants during the return trip.

Looking for a professional photographer & filmmaker from the Frankfurt area?

Event trailer projects

It doesn't matter in which direction you want to go. I put your product in the foreground in a unique way. An event trailer takes your advertising to a higher level. The possibilities for use are very large. For example, you can display the trailer live in large format at major events, or use it as an intro for your promotional video.

This type of marketing is very popular. An artist, their logo or product stays in people's minds for a long time thanks to these lively images and the accompanying music and drama. This interplay of auditory, kinesthetic and visual stimuli generates emotions and therefore offers great added value.

Professional trailers of previously released footage

Advertise without your own footage

If you are planning an event and z. For example, if you have booked a well-known artist for the first time, it is seldom the case that you have enough self-filmed material to create an event trailer for promotional purposes.

Here I can help and contribute my sources and experience.

Through a creative concept with complex cuts and effects, it is usually possible to create a professional video that uses music videos that have already been published or compilations by the artist in order to create something effective in advertising for your event.

Present facts creatively

Animated advertising trailer

Animated advertising trailers are ideal for your website, events, exhibition stands, shop windows or bars, restaurants and similar purposes. In this way you can supplement your offer in a meaningful way and make it more interesting. Also, you can reach a higher audience through Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks.

Music video projects

The production of a music video is by far the most important building block in the marketing of your new title. Despite the diminishing importance of music video channels on television, music video offers tremendous advantages. Which are they?

The production of music videos has the main goal with increasing the band's notoriety. The music title should draw the attention of consumers and fans and should be remembered. The best way to do this is with a music video. A song awakens emotions in them. If the consumer or fan not only hears it, but also sees it, the auditory stimuli are linked to the visual stimuli and a stronger emotional bond develops.

Also, a music video allows you to introduce your track to a wide audience. Almost all music videos are now viewed, clicked on, liked and shared thousands of times on the Internet via platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. As a result, getting your title out there can quickly become a self runner without investing a great deal of time, money and energy. Finally, the sale of CDs and the number of music downloads are increased immensely by a music video.

Professional post-production of your existing material

Refurbish completed projects

If you shot a project yourself or had it shot and you are dissatisfied with the result, in most cases there are still ways to save the project.

For a good video, the preparation and editing of the raw material is at least as important as the raw material itself. Extraordinary effects also have a major impact on the result. I also pay special attention to a creative composition and a good story.

Please contact me and I'll show you the original project as a comparison.
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Patrick Schmetzer

Creativity is a very important part of my life. It is the discovery, the holding on, the letting flow of what the heart feels and sees in a certain moment, it is the experience, the understanding, the learning and essentially the practice of the freedom of being, of living, of thinking.

Born in February 1990, USA. Living in Frankfurt am Main. Photography & film has been my hobby since I was 14 years old. Since 2014 I have been professionally dedicated to photography & videography.

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