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Photography coaching

Individually tuned

In a one-to-one coaching session, we specifically go through the areas that interest you and promote your photography. Below you can see a selection of topics for your personal coaching.

Photography & Equipment

Get the maximum out of your equipment

Light setting

Perfect exposure in every situation with professional equipment or simple means

Lightroom & Photoshop

My workflow for editing in each area including tips and plug-ins.

Concept & Planning

Professional planning for own projects and future customers


Equipment buying advice

Duration: about 15 minutes


Let me know your requirements and photographic goals. I advise you individually and recommend the right products, perfect for your area and within your price range.


Photography Review

Duration: about 1 hour


Show me your best images and grow with my honest and professional assessment. I'll give you practical tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your previous pictures.


Online coaching

Duration: about 1 hour


You can also book the above areas online in 1 hour sessions each. During this time we will go through your questions together in the areas in which you need help.

I would like to invite you to discover the power of high quality photography through my coaching program.

Professional photography plays a very special role these days. She speaks to us on various social networks. Especially in the online area, it has gained its place and its relevance is increasing day by day. We communicate daily through photography and it leaves a message in each of us.

Every important moment or interesting event is now captured on a photo. Especially in the economic sector, it is almost impossible to do without photography. Almost every product today is advertised with images, be it on online channels or offline on posters, flyers or product sheets.

A professional photographer has to master the art of manipulating the play between light and shadow and at the same time finding the perfect angle that allows all elements of an image to harmonize in such a way that the result not only catches the eye, but speaks directly to the soul of the beholder.

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Patrick Schmetzer
Multi media designer

Individual coaching

In coaching I teach you how to use your existing knowledge so that you can get the most out of your photography skills. By making small adjustments and using tips and tricks that I have gathered from my experience over the years, a clear difference can be seen when it comes to the overall impression. You will learn how this new perspective will have a positive impact on your work.

I help you to discover your strengths and to reach your full potential by giving you concrete suggestions for improvement, recommendations and examples of how you can optimize your picture and recording skills.

Photography & Equipment

  • Camera settings
  • Fixed focal length differences
  • Camera, lenses, tripods
  • Communication & instructions

Lightroom & Photoshop

  • Workflow for every area
  • Lightroom filters 
  • Photoshop tips 
  • Beauty retouching
  • Plugins 

Light setting

  • Available light
  • Flash vs. steady light
  • Reflectors & helpers
  • Studio lighting
  • Night photography

Concept & Planning

  • Customer communication
  • Planning & preparation
  • negotiation 
  • delivery terms
  • Marketing on social media

High quality, variety of topics, profound, authentic, practical. It has broadened and deepened my knowledge on a personal and professional level. Very good balance between theory and practice. Patrick gave me very good tips that took my photography skills to a new level. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their perspectives and deepen their insights.

Werner Zimny

Photography in coaching with Patrick is much more than training! It is an opportunity to recognize your own abilities and learn in which aspects you can improve. It contributed a lot to my further development as a photographer. Patrick helped me to rediscover facets of my own work and with his innovative ideas he brought my creativity back to life.

Jacqueline Richardt