Photography coaching

Individually tuned

During a one-on-one coaching session, we will go over very specifically the areas that interest you and enhance your photography. Below is a selection of topics for your personal coaching.

Photography & Equipment

Get the most out of your equipment

Light setting

Perfect exposure in every situation with professional equipment or simple means

Lightroom & Photoshop

My workflow for editing in each area including tips and plug-ins.

Concept & Planning

Professional planning for own projects and future customers


Equipment buying advice

Duration: about 15 minutes


Tell me your requirements and photographic goals. I will advise you individually and recommend the appropriate products perfect for their area and in their price range.


Photography Review

Duration: about 1 hour


Show me your best pictures and develop further with my honest and professional assessment. I give them practical tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their existing images.

Request now

Online coaching

Duration: about 1 hour


You can also book the above areas online in 1 hour sessions. In this time we go through your questions together in the areas in which you need help.