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You need professional recordings of your event, you are celebrating an important anniversary, a press conference has to be accompanied by photographs?

Reportage photography, event photography, event photography, press photography, PR photography ... no matter what term you use, I am your contact person.

Projects in the field of event photography

Event photography, also known as event photography, is much more than snapping souvenir pictures. With targeted event photography, you can extend the desired impression of an event far beyond the original end.

Not only in the commercial sector, but also in the private sector, professional event photography is more and more popular. Events with the family such as Confirmation, school enrollment, baptism, or even a wedding are often associated with unique moments. For such moments there is often no second chance, so it is important to capture them perfectly.

Have you planned an event in an event location and are you looking for the right photographer? I will put your celebration in the limelight! Several factors play a role in making your event an unforgettable evening. Modern camera equipment, social skills and the professional use of light. Through my experience in event photography, I know what is important and where it is important to set accents.

IMG 104

Hit Radio FFH - Christmas cinema - Event pictures

December 14, 2020

summer liason brunch 7

Summer Liason (Brunch) Le Panther - EN

September 6, 2020

aperos frenchies x adina hotels

Aperos Frenchies x Adina Hotels (English)

April 28, 2020

neighborhood love affair part ii 5

Neighborhood Love Affair Part II (English)

April 27, 2020

neighborhood love affair part i

Neighborhood Love Affair Part I (English)

April 27, 2020

vista yachting santorini 2

Vista Yachting Santorini (English)

April 7, 2020

german sports press ball summer lounge

Deutscher Sportpresseball Sommerlounge (English)

March 1, 2020


Freigut – Event Location Frankfurt (EN)

February 29, 2020


Friedrich Frankfurt - Event Photography

February 29, 2020

the frankfurter 3rd anniversary 4


February 24, 2020

poetry slam old opera 13

Poetry Slam Event – Alte Oper (EN)

February 11, 2020

red lips week 2019 2

Protected: Red Lips Week 2019

20th October 2019

jaegermeister private event

Jägermeister Private Event Photography

September 10, 2019

mercedes benz 3

Me Convention - Mercedes Benz event pictures

September 9, 2019

honda european technical skill contest 2

Honda World Skill Contest Europe (English)

September 9, 2019

German sports press ball aftershow

Deutscher Sportpresseball Aftershow (English)

September 8, 2019

the frankfurter gala kameha suite 2

The Frankfurter Gala – Kameha Suite (English)

September 8, 2019

audi quattro cup 4

Protected: Audi Quattro Cup

September 8, 2019

moet party day photography events

Moet Party Day Event Photography

1st May 2018

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