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Travel costs in the Rhine-Main area

No travel costs incurred, in the green range

  • Flat rate 25.00 euros in the inner outer circle, except for the green area
  • Outside the outer circle, per kilometer, outside the circle 0.55 euros + one-off flat fee of 25.00 euros
  • From a distance of 250 kilometers, plus accommodation allowance and, if applicable, travel expenses*

* These travel expenses may be incurred if not agreed in an all-inclusive price.

Costs of meals when travelling, Air, train and bus fares, Baggage costs, Hotel costs, Costs of operating and maintaining a rental car, including the cost of petrol, washing, parking fees and tolls, Local transport costs for taxi rides or other transport between the airport or train station and a hotel, from one customer to another or from one place of business to another, internet rental or telephone charges.

Do you have any questions about the calculation of my travel costs in the Rhine Main area or are not sure which one area are you located?

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