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Restaurant photography in and around Frankfurt

Food photography is the name given to the photographic representation of individual foods up to entire menu representations or cooking situations.

Food photography plays a very relevant role in marketing and social media.

For this reason, depending on its quality, it helps many restaurants to stand out from their competitors. Indeed, it can be decisive in the customer's choice when deciding on a particular dish or restaurant. Therefore, food photography for restaurants is not just about creating beautiful photos of the dishes, but they need to be able to reflect the vision and soul of the restaurant.

They stand for the name of the restaurant as a brand and tell its story. Technically correct, high-quality images have a direct impact on the reputation of the premises and can be crucial in acquiring new customers or retaining existing customers.

Often not enough emphasis is placed on high quality food images, although most restaurant owners are aware of its importance.

The impact of high-quality images on the customer's selection process is often underestimated. Food images need to be able to capture the atmosphere of the place, so several factors contribute to the quality of a food image.

The composition of the dish on the plate must fit, the background and of course the lighting ensure, for example, a more appetizing and professional result that is particularly well suited for classic and digital advertising, as well as packaging, menus, cookbooks or magazines.

When it comes to food photography for restaurants, the well-known saying "eat with your eyes" is perfectly suited to describe its relevance.

It states that the visual impression decides how the food is perceived and can even give the customer a first idea of how it tastes. So the prettier the sight and better the first impression, the higher the probability that the restaurant will attract new potential customers. Especially nowadays, when social media is so present and everyone is able to take a photo of their dish and publish it online immediately, it is all the more important for the reputation of a restaurant that it has its own, professional -created images features.

This is essential in order not to be at the mercy of the so-called UGC (user generated content). If this is not the case, the restaurant runs the risk of losing control over how the company is represented online or how its own products are presented and perceived online.

There is no silver bullet for successfully photographing restaurants. This is because your restaurant (even if it is part of a franchise business) is 100 % unique.

Guest types

Different types of guests you are targeting and what resonates with them.


Position of windows and other light sources and their ambience and mood


Architecture and perspective of your dining area and service area.


Contextual aspects such as their surrounding location and neighborhood.

Show more than just pictures

Restaurant trailer

Do you have an event or anniversary celebration planned in your restaurant? An event trailer from your company tells your guests in advance what they can expect and gives suggestions for the use of rooms and services. You can use it to present your restaurant in a positive light. The possibilities for using trailers are very large. For example, you can play the trailer live in large format at events, use it for your website or for social media.

Looking for a professional photographer & filmmaker from the Frankfurt area?

Instagram story teaser

Social media recordings

Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with your audience in a hassle-free way. Statistics say that in 2017 well over 300 million people viewed Instagram Stories every day. In fact, by 2020, Instagram Stories should be seen as an essential part of every account's marketing. It has been noticed that the engagement rate for regular posts has dropped significantly since then. The story engagement rate, on the other hand, is still very high.

Graphic design

Social media layouts

Smart pictures and graphics on social networks are a good and inexpensive form of advertising for you. Therefore, social networks could be worth more than good reviews on Tripadvisor or Yelp. In contrast to restaurant comparison portals, Instagram arouses customer emotions. 

Layout examples
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Exterior Design Photography

Meaningful exterior view

The flood of images has never been greater than it is today. As a restaurant owner, you not only have to impress with quality, but also with creative image ideas in order to stand out from the crowd. With creative lighting and skilful image compositions, I take pictures to showcase the special features of your restaurant and its equipment and location.

Find out more in my exterior design section

Projects in the field of restaurant photography 

Professional food photography on your menu, website, social media channels or print media has immense persuasive power when it comes to whet the appetite of your customers. It plays an important role in the selection process of potential new customers, and especially when it comes to the online reputation of your establishment, it is particularly crucial in the way your restaurant is perceived by customers. 

Especially in an economic time that is characterized by online marketing, the food photography of your kitchen is the first visual point of contact between your clients and the menu on offer. So make sure that you have technically flawless gourmet photography of your products, because as the famous saying goes: "There is no second chance for the first impression you make".

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Patrick Schmetzer

Creativity is a very important part of my life. It is the discovery, the holding on, the letting flow of what the heart feels and sees in a certain moment, it is the experience, the understanding, the learning and essentially the practice of the freedom of being, of living, of thinking.

Born in February 1990, USA. Living in Frankfurt am Main. Photography & film has been my hobby since I was 14 years old. Since 2014 I have been professionally dedicated to photography & videography.

I will be happy to help you create professional food recordings for your restaurant and I am already excited to get to know your unique business. I am pleased to be able to help you to set your restaurant apart from the competition with my photographic know-how and high-quality images.

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