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my development

creativity and music

Art and creativity have been an important part of me all my life. Even as a child, I began to perceive my environment intensively and consciously. I wanted to capture my impressions from my perspective in pictures, which is how I discovered the medium of drawing and photography. Furthermore, music has been very important to me since I was a teenager. At first I started playing both electric and acoustic guitar and soon after that I played bass in a band. When I felt like trying something new, I spontaneously bought a piano and taught myself how to play it through daily practice. At that point I already knew that I wanted to do exactly what I love professionally and to get closer to this dream I attended a private media university (SAE). Here I expanded my knowledge in the fields of music and art to the point of recording my first own music titles and producing my own "smaller" tracks. At the same time, I devoted myself to my other passion - photography and filming.

Painting and drawing

As a child, I was interested in two things - art and sports. I was the kid who back then was already drawing the anatomy of the little spider in our classroom or the Pokémon and Dragon Ball characters from my favorite TV show. For me, art was the most important class of the week. I was the boy who sat in the corner for hours and drew. It was the way for me to share my thoughts that bubbled out of me on paper and show it to the world.

When drawing, I'm concerned on the one hand with the motif, but also with the process of creating my own world on the sheet. By capturing the motif on paper, an observed anecdote, a moment, becomes a reconstruction of consciousness. In the creative process, I try to perceive what I see, absorb it, trace it and then let all the impressions I collect take shape on the canvas.

Together for our planet

Personal development is a meaningful part of me. I am convinced that everyone can contribute to a better society. Even as a young adult, it was important to me to be a role model for myself and to ensure that we have a planet that will last for a long time. At a young age I started using part of my pocket money for donations and to this day I still use my job to help people, animals and the environment. That's why I also decided to consciously change my diet and lifestyle. Tormenting films like Dominion drove me to do this. Through the vegan lifestyle, I contribute a large part to a better and more sustainable world, both for our current and for the next generations and the living beings with whom we share the planet.

Founding member of the company network climate protection - an IHK platform

As a member of the UNK, corporate climate protection is an important topic that I attach great importance to in my company. With ambitious goals, I am always working on improving the operational CO 2 footprint of my company.

Together we have to make an active contribution to climate protection and continuously advance our own know-how.

My dream is that we create a world where we can all live together in harmony and peace. For both humans and animals. Because only together are we strong.

Life is a paradise for those who love many things with passion.