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Photography means art

Photography means art. It is like a painting, the content, the objects or the style of the painting such as the photo, the colors, contours or patterns invite you to take a closer look and interpret the picture. We make our own "picture" of it, whether consciously or unconsciously. Our visual competence describes the way in which we interpret an image, regardless of whether it is a painting or photos, for example portraits or landscapes. We can communicate with photos. So it is of cultural importance and everyone can use it differently. Works of art are created. We would like to invite you to communicate with photos and to become part of these works of art.

Express feelings

At Patrick Schmetzer Photography you will find a mixture of traditional, modern, lively and creative photos that capture the moments of your life and that you can preserve for a lifetime. It is important to me that each photo captures who you are and what your mood is. The aim of our shoots is to photograph you in your uniqueness, in a way that emphasizes your beauty and expresses your feelings.

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I value the reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of the moments in between, and I do my best to capture every picture with that in mind.

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