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Patrick Schmetzer

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

As a young entrepreneur and passionate photographer & filmmaker for over 6 years, I have become known in the industry for my extraordinary style through cooperation with various large corporations and hotel chains.
I learned early on that believing in my own potential is the fuel for igniting my creative energy and that this provides the motivation to turn dreams into true visions.
Photographing and filming gives me the power to make everyday things shine as something irresistible, because beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. This passion for detail can be reflected in my work, expressing my images and film productions with passion and perfectionism.

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Worked with

A-Pink* | Adina Hotels | ADS tax advice* | American-German Business Club | Ameron Hotels | Anantara Villa Padierna Palace* | Atlantic Hotels | Audi* | Bacardi | Bain & Company | BB Bank | BDBB eV | Bentley | Biospring | Breidenbacher Hof | Bucherer | B&K Authorized Dealers | Capco | Calista Luxury Resort | Dorint Hotels & Resorts | Eintracht Frankfurt* | Excelsior Hotel Ernst | Fever (Feverup) | Gibson Club | Grand Universe Lucca | GWA eV | |Hilton* | Hoerbiger Holding | honda | Horizon Congress | Huawei* | Hyatt * | IHK* | Invesco | IQOS | Jagermeister | JEC Group | Kempinski* | Kivotos* | Clinic at the Kurpark Reinhardshausen | conversion KRAFT AG | K&S Group | La Biostetique | Lavazza | Leica | LVM Insurance | Marriott | MEC METRO-ECE center management | Melia Hotels |Mercedes Benz | Frankfurt Trade Fair | Ministry of Tourism Oman | Mook Group | Gullpick* | Obertauern Tourism Association | O2 | Ogilvy | Patron Tequila | Premier Inn | Procter & Gamble | Ras Al Khaimah Tourism | REALOGIS Real Estate | Renaissance Hotel | Rixos Hotels* | Ruedesheim Tourist AG | satis&fy | Sephora | SPD* | St Kilian Distillers | Steigenberger Hotel | Blackboard Germany | The Charles Hotel | The Fontenay | The Frankfurter | The Westin* | TZ Dubrovnik | U.S. Army* | VGF* | By Poll Real Estate | Wertheim Village* | value guarantee

* More information can be found in the press kit
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My way of working

I get to know you and your ideas right from the first preliminary talk. Then I visit the agreed location and create a concept. It is important for each of my projects to develop a consistent imagery that I will coordinate with you. An individual color composition as well as perfect lighting conditions are a matter of course.
My work consists of more than just simple "snapping". Together with you I convert your ideas and wishes into pictures, films or layouts. Through my years of experience, I am able to deal with difficult or unusual conditions. Creative thinking, technical know-how and an eye for detail characterize my work. I set the highest expectations for the result, because the results should exceed your expectations.

My philosophy

I have made it my business to bring forth a concept that is equal to the wishes and needs of your company. My goals include strengthening your corporate communications and delivering appropriate messages audiovisually. In doing so, a close cooperation with you has top priority, so that we can achieve your goals together.

about me

SAE Graduate

The SAE Institute is a private training institute that offers fee-based training and further education in the field of audiovisual media. There are 54 locations worldwide, spread over 28 countries, the head office is in Oxford.

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My passion

Traveling is not only what I like to do, it has become a part of me over the years and a great passion. When I'm caught up in daily routines, I feel the urge to pack my luggage and spontaneously explore my surroundings. Whether by car or plane, there is nothing more exciting than traveling to gain new experiences and memories that will last forever.
Exploring new environments is fulfilling and educational for me. Because it takes me out of my comfort zone and allows me to get to know different cultures.

The picturesque landscapes enhance each of my trips and I try to capture the natural beauty of the place photographically. I love sharing my images to bring my story to life. After I capture the perfect shot, I mentally set a note to check another breathtaking place off my bucket list.
Traveling has made me a better person. I have learned to appreciate where I come from because my homeland is what makes me who I am today. This passion has made me more humble and calm because I have developed a different way of looking at the world.

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The greatest satisfaction is experienced when you give your heart and soul to something over a long period of time - and it is worth it.

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It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.

Warren BuffettInvestor, CEO Berkshire Hathaway

You can either watch something happen or be a part of it.

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Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. You already know who you would like to become.

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