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Your photographer is, so to speak, your closest friend on your wedding day. He is there for every moment from the start - he even sees you when your loved one is not there! You are the ones who make these amazing, lasting memories of you as a newlyweds and your happy guests celebrating your wedding.


1) Tell him what to wear; You don't want a photographer in flip-flops and shorts in the middle of a black tie affair. Your photographer shouldn't stand out among your guests.


2) Give him a schedule so he knows what is happening and when. The only way to get photos of all the special moments is to tell the photographer where those things happened. (You have to get the best angle, after all!)


3) Give your photographer photos of the key participants and their names. That way he knows who the important people are and can make sure that they are the most photographed.


4) If you want large group photos that include the entire wedding party (guests and everyone else) you should let the photographer know in advance. These will take more time.


5) Speaking of group shots, if there are any tricky family circumstances you should let your photographer know so they can position the subjects appropriately and be as tactful as possible.


6) Let your photographer know if any of your guests have mobility problems so that benches and seating can be organized for specific shots if necessary.


7) Ask your photographer to take a picture of all the little details that you went so much effort into! That can be anything, from the guest favors to the sophisticated seating cards to the floral decorations on every table.


8) Also let your photographer know if there is a specific place you'd like to be photographed (on a bridge, under a beautiful tree, on a large staircase) so he or she can plan enough time for these shots , especially when the lighting needs to be adjusted.


9) If you and your loved one are planning a surprising first dance with an incredible elevator, let your photographer be part of the surprise! When he knows when the big moments are coming, he can get the best angles for the coolest photos!


10) Lastly, I strongly advise you to let your photographer know if there are certain parts of your wedding that you would not like to be captured. While some may find your Uncle Bill's drunken antics hilarious, you might not want them in your wedding album for years to come!

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