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When it comes to planning your wedding, there are a lot of things to consider and budget for. The list will seem endless and you probably don't know exactly where to start, but there are certain things you can consider as a starting point and priority.


Of course, the most important part of a wedding is the couple, and that's what it should ultimately be about. However, when it comes to planning the big day there is a good deal of work that should not be underestimated, among other things you will have to talk to many suppliers, from florists to bridal shops, the list will seem endless. So how can you ideally set priorities in order to plan the perfect day as carefree and efficiently as possible and to ensure that at the end

Not only did you get the right flowers and the right food, but that you have all the important details that make for a wonderful wedding experience at the end of the day. In my opinion, wedding photography should be high on this list because it is ultimately what will immortalize all of these beautiful memories.


I hear of many couples who have neglected wedding photography, for example either by reserving a small budget for their photography when planning, or by not investing enough time in advance to find a suitable photographer who at the time of the big day is still available. That they usually regret it in retrospect not to have wedding photography on a higher priority level on the planning list from the start.


Why is it so important to find a wedding photographer early on?

Is wedding photography the most important thing when it comes to your wedding? No, not at all, but it is certainly one of the first things to think about and book ahead of time when it comes to planning your special day. So it should be at the top of your priority list of things to take the time to research and budget for, as good wedding photographers are usually hired and booked up to 2 years in advance and high quality results come at a price .

This is why it is all the more important that you find the best value for your money and that the photographer you would like to work with will be available at the time of your wedding. So book as soon as you know the exact date and have found the ideal photographer for your needs.


What do they buy when hiring a wedding photographer?

When it comes to wedding photography, you are paying for a product that you will only get your hands on after the fact. Wedding photography is primarily about capturing moments and emotions that you would otherwise not even notice as the focus of the day. Such as the reaction in your parents' eyes when you stand in front of the altar, the enjoyment and joy of your guests at the party, and many other little stories that take place at the same time at a wedding and would normally go unnoticed by you. These are all goosebump moments that you don't even notice during the course of the day. Insights that you can regain through the careful eyes of a professional photographer and experience more closely later.

So you not only buy yourself the opportunity to relive your big day through beautiful photos, but also to be able to smile afterwards about moments that you didn't even know had happened, about the emotions on their faces To be able to share with your family and friends and above all to capture all the precious moments of this day that will end up telling the story of your wedding, a story that you can cherish forever.


Find your style

There are hundreds of wedding photographers to choose from and most travel across the country and even abroad. Take the time to decide on a style that you like and find a photographer to reflect that.

So take enough time to research and make sure that you look at several works and complete albums, because you don't just want a few beautiful photos afterwards, but a photography work that in its entirety has a complete beautiful story told, which consists of high quality from start to finish and meets your expectations.


Criteria not to choose your wedding photographer


Cheap prices

The added value of a photographer does not lie in what is included in his work as a package, but in the quality of his images, the uniqueness of his style and his ability to capture even the most spontaneous moments in a professional and high-quality manner. Because a wedding celebration is a dynamic event, the photographer must have the technical skills to be able to deliver these images with the same quality as a studio shoot. This skill requires not only speed, technique and consistency, but also a high level of artistic talent, sensitivity and a trained eye that few experienced photographers can match.

So please do not decide on a photographer simply because of alluring extras offered in the product bundle, such as another free engagement shoot, extra printed album, online gallery, USB stick or printed t-shirts etc. You should prefer that the photographer's work suits your style and requirements, that you can build trust with him, so that you don't have any doubts about the quality of the end result.

The interpersonal relationship should not be underestimated at all. Being familiar and comfortable with the photographer of your choice definitely makes for a relaxed workflow, it makes collaboration easier by allowing both sides to openly share their viewpoints and communicate smoothly with each other. So make sure you are “on the same wavelength” with your chosen wedding photographers.

The photographer has some stunning photos

Wherever you see a wedding photographer, you will see many beautiful photos, a series of stunning shots that will catch your eye and leave you in awe. That's great and you should find a photographer whose work you enjoy and amaze, but it's important to remember that it's about capturing a wedding and its spontaneous little stories and emotional reactions.

When you're looking at a photographer's work, make sure you're looking at full and complete albums, be it online or on paper, you want to make sure all the photos are stunning and the quality is consistently exceptional, not just one or two Photos that look great. A good photographer can take stunning photos, but only a great wedding photographer can tell a story through their photos.


They were recommended by the venue

So you have chosen your wedding location and booked the date. Depending on the venue, there is a list of recommended providers of catering, florists, planners and photographers. This is a great place to start, but it is important that you don't just go down this list without doing your own thing. Don't compromise on your wedding photographer by only looking at those recommended by the venue, but make sure you get the best photographer you can afford who also reflects your personal taste in their photography style.


You have a friend who has a good camera

There is much more to wedding photography than just a good camera. A photographer's “know-how”, the techniques he uses, and most importantly his ability to find the perfect angle are key to producing a high quality end result. It's not just about photographing beautiful moments with good resolution, but also about reflecting the details of the wedding decoration as well as the quality of your room design. The aim is to present all components harmoniously with the event of the picture, to catch the correct light source or e.g. B. exploit the full potential of the background so that all the elements that make your wedding unique and for which you have invested a lot of time and money, can also make your best contribution to the image quality.

So the camera is just a tool and means to capture the moment, but the skills, knowledge and experience are the key to impressive wedding photography. Ultimately, you want to make sure that the photographer is in the right place at the most beautiful wedding events so that those moments are captured beautifully and on time.


Final thoughts

All of this planning is just for a day, a day that you will marry the partner you want to spend the rest of your life with, a day that you will share that beautiful moment with all of your family and friends who you love . Make sure to capture those memories and not look back and wish you had hired a suitable photographer.

Remember, you only have one chance when it comes to your wedding photos and after it is all over, the photos are the only thing that will stay in your memory forever. Make sure you hire the best wedding photographer you can afford. It is an investment that you will be proud of years later when you can look back on your wedding album and relive the special moments and emotions. These are glimpses of the most beautiful moments that you will keep to yourself forever.


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