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Your last summer vacation is over and you are not really looking forward to the colder winter months? No problem! Fortunately, our planet is so big that there are always interesting destinations to visit. I've checked out the 9 best places to travel in December - when a lot of people just wish winter was over soon!

1. Mexico

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If you are tired of the cold and the short days without enough sunlight, Mexico is one of the best places to travel in December. The winter period in the northern hemisphere is exactly the time when people flee to the southern hemisphere - for example to Mexico in Latin America. With beautiful beaches and a wealth of culture, you can forget a little about your reality at home and also immerse yourself in ancient places like Yucatan that simply don't exist anywhere else.

2. Austria

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Austria in December is a little different from sunny beaches and winter holidays, when true snow fans will be happy. The mountain areas are especially popular as the winter months cover them even more with white magic and thousands of visitors enjoy the land on skis or snowboards, including the famous après-ski parties. Cities like Vienna also greet you with warm drinks and Christmas markets that glow beautifully at night.

3. Dubai

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The city of Dubai has grown into a vibrant metropolis in the Middle East over the past few decades, and nowadays you really don't have to worry about dying of thirst anymore. Dubai has managed to create beautiful architecture around large pools of water and if you visit in December you have the best time to be there. At temperatures around 28 ° C, this is a good compromise between too warm and too cold. If it goes beyond that, you can just jump straight into the pool!

4. Turkey

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Turkey is a popular tourist destination all year round and one of the top travel destinations especially in December. Temperatures are still comfortable at around 22 ° C and you can still swim in the sea if you want. At the same time, the high season is over and you can find much better travel deals for flights and hotels. For people who want a cheaper vacation in a beautiful country with enough sun, Turkey could be a good choice!

5. Thailand


At least once in your life you have to go to Thailand and experience the friendly locals and amazing food - at really low prices. Even if December is a high season for tourists, you can still find really cheap hotels. For example, we managed to stay in a 5-star hotel suite in Bangkok for € 30 per night per person. In Europe, you often pay that much for shared rooms in hostels. The high season is really the best time to travel to Thailand as you otherwise run a higher risk of continuous rain between May and October during the rainy season.

6. Switzerland

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Another dream destination for winter holidays is Switzerland, where you can experience some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Europe. In December everything looks like a fairy tale: Imagine you are standing on a hill and looking out over the valley with the light from your houses. The roofs are covered with snow. Switzerland is a very romantic experience or a good adventure with friends in the mountains. It is certainly one of the best places to travel in December and deserves a spot on this list.

7. South Africa

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The high season in South Africa is the best time to see the country - many travelers come here from December as it hardly rains these days and nature begins to show its beauty. With beaches, exciting cities and fascinating wildlife, the country has many attractions to offer. If you'd rather avoid the crowds of tourists and are willing to compromise on the weather, if a few rainy days don't scare you, then March is also beautiful in South Africa.

8. Australia

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You couldn't be much further from the sadness of winter at home - Australia has relatively warm temperatures year round and amazing opportunities to explore a whole new destination. Many people take a few months off to travel along the coastal areas. But if you only want to invest a few weeks in December to escape the winter, you will find beaches to relax and enjoy the Australian lifestyle and wildlife. The flights are a little more expensive and time consuming. So if you are flying you should stay at least 3 weeks!

9. Brazil

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The joy and friendliness of the Brazilians could be just what many need in the winter months. December in Brazil is considered one of the top months to visit as the whole country is blooming with sun and life. Relax in the Copa Cabana, visit the Cristo statue, and spend New Year's Eve on the beach with the locals, where thousands of people dress in white and dance to good music and fireworks - sounds fun, doesn't it?