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Fancy a little break from everyday life and a nice time with the whole family? Fortunately, there are many places in the world where both children and parents can have a great vacation together. Although the destination you go to depends on the age of your kids and of course their interests, I've checked out the best family destinations to talk about when planning your next trip with your family!

1. Japan

There is no doubt that Japan is one of the most hyped travel destinations - whether traveling alone, in groups, with friends or families. Japan has a lot to offer for everyone. When you think of all the interesting cities like Tokyo or Kyoto, beautiful landscapes, mountains, the sea or historical sights like old beautiful temples.

The people and their habits as well as their cuisine is interesting. The generally high level of safety and clean streets make you feel good everywhere. In Japan, you'll have the best service you've ever had, and even with young children, this country is one of the most rewarding travel destinations anywhere.

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2. Malta

Although Malta is a separate country in Europe, it is quite small and very accessible. With beautiful cities and beaches, Malta is particularly good to visit in summer. It has grown in popularity, especially with families, in recent years. You can take a rental car and visit different places on the island or just enjoy a relaxing family vacation on a beach - either way the island will make you relaxed and happy.

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3. Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has become a less attractive holiday destination for tourists due to political reasons, but the land itself and especially the sea is as beautiful as ever. The staff makes every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible. With high summer temperatures and the refreshing sea, you can relax perfectly and every child will have fun. In addition, the Turkish cuisine convinces with the best food.

A worthwhile alternative might be to visit Turkey in the off-season - it's a little cooler towards the end of the year but still warm enough for a great trip, and you can save a lot of money!

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4. Balearic Islands

If you are making vacation plans in Europe, the Balearic Islands are one of the most popular places, too, and especially, for families. With Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera you always make a good choice. While Ibiza tends to appeal to teenagers and young people, Mallorca is interesting for all age groups. In addition to the party areas, there are also very quiet and peaceful beaches where you can relax wonderfully. Away from the centers, you can spend the night very comfortably.

If you want to visit different beaches, find such picturesque bays, then primarily on the larger islands it makes sense to rent a car and follow small roads. Any of the Balearic Islands is a good place to visit!

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5. Hawaii

If you are looking for a place to experience an active vacation, then Hawaii is certainly one of the best travel destinations. From luxury clubs to family resorts, there is everything you can imagine. So tailor the trip to your and your family's needs. Basically, there's nothing you can't do in Hawaii. It is best suited for those who are looking for adventure like snorkeling or want to try other water sports. If you just want to kick back a bit, you can also just relax on the paradisiacal beaches.

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6. Greek Islands

White houses with blue roofs against a beautiful sky and sea - only in Greece you will find this typical image. Places like Santorini which is one of the most famous examples. Besides Rhodes, Crete or Kos, which are among the very popular holiday islands, there are so many others that you can visit to have a wonderful family holiday, for example. Many of these places thrive on tourism, so you can expect very service minded staff and friendly locals who will take great care of you and your family.


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7. Croatia

Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea and is still an insider tip for tourists. With its relatively small towns, less industry and less intensive tourism, the beaches are all the more beautiful and the water is extremely clean. Some people compare Croatian waters to the Maldives. If you want to use your vacation to spend time with your family, Croatia could be one of your top addresses for a quieter and all the more enjoyable stay. Photographers will find a rich selection of beautiful objects not only on the cliffs with the old picturesque port cities.

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8. London

If you haven't thought about going on a city break with your kids, now is the time! In London there are many interesting events for minors as well as adults to explore. Examples are "Harry Potter's World" or the almost obligatory visit to Buckingham Palace with the Royals. Everyone will be fascinated by this gigantic city with its beautiful architecture and interesting sights on seemingly every corner. Ride the London Eye, see Big Ben and Tower Bridge, take a stroll in Hyde Park before grabbing a coffee in Covent Garden - and when you've seen enough of London there are plenty of day trips to choose from, for example to Oxford or Cambridge.

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9. Paris

This is not only suitable for couples, but with its unique character and beautiful cityscape, Paris is also one of the best family destinations. Every child knows the Eiffel Tower and is likely to get pretty excited when they see the other quality attractions in the French capital. Since everything takes a little longer with kids, you can easily stay a week in Paris exploring the different areas this amazing destination has to offer. You can take the metro to reach most points in the city in style.

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10. Switzerland

Lastly, Switzerland is the right place for those who want to be close to their family and nature. With its famous mountains, lakes and forests, the country is a perfect place to relax in beautiful scenery, whether staying in extravagant hotels or renting a simple cabin in the woods. You can enjoy the fresh air and the silence everywhere, or explore the valleys and mountains on the hiking trails that are well developed for tourism. Is there more beautiful photo opportunities than a lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the Swiss Alps?

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