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On social platforms we often see people who seemingly travel the world all year round and who can obviously afford to do so. They unleash the power of the internet and its reach and even fill their pockets on the go. Sounds like a good way of life? Then you should check out the top ways travel bloggers are making money these days.

1. Freelancer

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Many travel bloggers work as freelancers, which means they offer their skills for individual jobs. Freelancers most often write, design or code, but also edit or translate texts. The big advantages are the easy handling and the direct payment. At the beginning you only need your laptop, a program suitable for your work and an e-mail address. You will receive your payment immediately for each completed order. This gives you security, especially in the start-up phase, and makes it easier for you to start your life as a travel blogger. This is an important way to make money for travel bloggers.

2. Virtual assistant

The assistant role also exists in the digital world. Many travel bloggers start their new life with this model as they often have all the necessary skills (computer literacy, organization, online knowledge). As a virtual assistant, you will work for a boss and take on everyday tasks such as processing emails, coordinating appointments, planning travel, etc. However, the tasks can also be broader and include creating presentations. The exact activities always depend on the respective agreement.

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3. Dropshipping

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Dropshipping is a trading model for which you do not need your own warehouse or logistics. You choose a manufacturer for your product and let them produce your goods while they keep them in their warehouse. Now when you sell a product through your website (or through Amazon, etc.), the manufacturer receives a message and sends the product directly to the buyer. Since most of the manufacturers are in Asia, shipping takes a little longer.

This type of deal requires an excellent business relationship with the manufacturer or supplier. Because you don't have access to the goods, you need to be confident in the quality of the product.

4. Digital products

Digital products have the advantage that they require neither a warehouse nor logistics and are therefore "made" for travel bloggers. The range of digital products is very wide. From a regular ebook to a guide on how to build niche sites to a coding class, the possibilities are endless. What they all have in common is that they can be scaled once they have been created. Since the products are not stored in the classic way, you do not need additional space if you have more customers. The entire payment and shipping process can be handled on digital marketplaces.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate makes money by recommending someone else's products and receives a commission for doing so. This is one of the main ways travel bloggers make money. This can take several forms. The classic in affiliate marketing is creating niche websites. You create a page on a topic and recommend suitable products there, for example for flower pots.

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In a blog, you can also mention some interesting facts, e.g. The best flowers for the flower pot. Then link to different flower pots through an affiliate program. If your reader clicks on the link and buys the product, you get a commission without your reader paying more. Of course, the same applies to digital products. Advanced affiliate marketers rely more on sophisticated sales funnels than niche websites. For such a funnel, a potential customer's email address is obtained. This happens, for example, when a potential customer downloads something in exchange for their email address. This email address is then fed into a process where the prospect receives a series of emails with offers for one or more products. However, these are not pure advertising emails, but are tailored precisely to the interests of the reader. If the reader then buys via a link in an email, the sender receives a commission.

6. Coaching

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Trainers and coaches are becoming more and more common in the digital space. Thanks to modern communication via Skype or similar systems, people can be consulted from anywhere in the world. For example, people do business coaching, which helps you improve your business. But personality, fitness or language training can also be carried out online. Depending on the design, you, as a coach, make appointments with your customers and then advise them online. Over time, as a coach, you can also offer additional information products that will further support your customers in their development.

7. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are also ads in the classic sense. The difference is that they are mostly editorial articles and not "just advertising". However, they must be marked as sponsored so that the visitor recognizes that it is an advertisement. Bloggers often even have the option to design the content themselves under certain customer specifications. This ultimately means a win-win situation for both sides: the companies get an authentic, valuable text that is guaranteed to bring them more readers than if they integrated a flat ad, the bloggers make money. Travel can be expensive (but it doesn't have to be). In any case, you will need some money for this and it is often not easy to find short-term work in the country you are traveling to. With the Internet, anyone can work for anyone from anywhere. If you've ever wondered how travel bloggers make money by "just going around the world," we hope you now know more about ways to make some money while seeing the most exciting places.