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Frequently asked questions about your photo shoot

How does a photo shoot go with you?

We make an appointment and I take plenty of time for this shoot and work with you to develop many shots that are different and suit you. Your task is to think about what kind of pictures you would like to have in advance. The numerous sample images in my gallery or Google and Pinterest offer help. Then look for a suitable selection of clothes for these pictures.
Before the shooting date of each shooting date I need picture requests and should ideally see clothes and accessories before the date.

I then try to use them to create individually fitting images in different sets over the course of the shoot.

You will then receive a selection of the best recordings online to view. There you can also make your selection and forward it to me, which will then be processed.

I'm not a model - can I still look like in your pictures?

Even models don't look like that in real life. A good picture is the interplay of expression, pose, styling, makeup, lighting and editing. Except for the expression and the makeup, everything else during and after the photo shoot is my job.

Can I bring someone to the photo shoot?

With pleasure. The person should only know how much time it takes to do a photo shoot.

How much time do I have to plan for a shooting?

Too little time spoils the picture quality. I therefore allow myself enough time for your pictures. So that you can develop freely in your shooting without looking at the clock. If you decide to do a photo shoot for the first time, plan about 1-2 hours.

How else should I prepare?

A photo shoot can be quite exhausting, so come to the appointment - as far as possible - well rested and rested so that beautiful photos can be taken.

Am I allowed to use my pictures on the Internet – or what about the picture rights?

You can use the images as you wish. However, a sale of the photos, for example to photo agencies, is excluded.

Can I also get the pictures as a print?

no You will only receive all images in digital form.

How can I view or select the pictures from the shooting?

You will receive a link from me a few days after the shoot. With this, you can view and select your pictures at your leisure.

Are retouched images included in the price?

I focus on on-screen editing. Therefore, all images are fundamentally corrected and retouched where necessary. This is part of the picture from the ground up. We should only discuss more complex montages and composings in advance and negotiate accordingly.

Can I get the pictures on DVD?

No, but as a download link.

Do you also offer make-up and hairstyling?

Just as you decided in favor of me when deciding on professional pictures, you should also entrust a professional if you wish to treat yourself to make-up and/or hairstyling for your photo session. My expertise is in photography.

However, I can organize a make-up artist for the shoot if you wish.

How long do I have to wait for the shooting result?

I always try to process orders in a timely manner. Usually within 1-3 weeks. If, exceptionally, it should take longer, I will let you know.

Are the recordings saved for later repeat orders?

I keep her pictures for about 3 months.