The weather god Peter said it was really nice to be with us next Saturday and that he had been working overtime again in the summer. This may be the last night. You can stay outside for a long time and let yourself be pampered by our team. Our summer contact expectations are getting higher and higher. We adhere to all health regulations and look forward to spending an unforgettable evening with you . They are combined into a ROSÉ. We want to express this attitude to life in the unique park environment of le PANTHER.
Join DJ Julian Smith @juliansmith_on_insta and DJane duo KeHa Sun and Ms. Romano @kehasun_ms_romanow for joyful music, food and fun together. A carefree party, very relaxed and relaxed, with lovely people, good friends and of course lots of pink. Cheers to all connoisseurs, gourmets and connoisseurs of the world.

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