K! K!

The long wait is finally over.
After an extensive collection of ideas with the artist Nimo, who is very successful and well-known in the music industry, and the well-known manufacturer from the hookah scene Venookah, the current version of the Venoz P1 has been brought to an ultimate level, which is timeless, elegant, extravagant, breathtaking, dynamic, aggressive and yet simple is.

The result is KiKi!
- Highest quality
- Unique
- A shisha that has no equal
- Premium segment
- Fair price
- Excellent draft and smoking behavior
- The Bugatti among the shishas
- Unique in the music and shisha industry!
- An unprecedented cooperation!

Details and scope of the Kiki:
- Black anodized aluminum column
- V2A stainless steel immersion tube
- Plate V2A stainless steel
- Plate Defender V2A stainless steel
- Black anodized aluminum mouthpiece
- Crystal glass with black nano coating

The K! K! Should not be worn on the smoke column in daily use, especially when carried when filled or unfilled, but on the bowl. This note must be strictly observed because glass and aluminum are bonded components.

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