One of the highlights of Automechanisa Frankfurt 2022 was undoubtedly the impressive presence of Hella, one of the world's leading providers of lighting systems and vehicle electronics. With an innovative stand and a variety of product presentations, Hella once again set standards and emphasized its reputation as an industry leader.

Automechanisa Frankfurt is known as the global meeting point for professionals from the automotive supply industry, and companies use the platform to showcase their latest products and technologies. In this regard, Hella did not disappoint. With a centrally located stand, the company offered visitors a comprehensive look at its latest developments, from advanced lighting systems to groundbreaking vehicle electronics.

Automechanisa Frankfurt 2022


A focus of Hella's appearance was the introduction of several new products that underline the company's progress in the field of autonomous driving technology. This product range, designed for both passenger and commercial vehicles, emphasizes Hella's commitment to safety, efficiency and innovation.

In addition to the product presentations, Hella also offered visitors interactive demos and workshops where they could experience the technology first-hand and interact with the company's engineers and designers. This hands-on experience not only allowed visitors to gain a better understanding of the technology and its application, but also to delve deeper into Hella's vision and strategy.

Another highlight was a panel discussion with leading experts from Hella, who discussed the future of the automotive industry and the role of suppliers in a rapidly changing market environment. Topics such as electrification, autonomous driving and sustainability were discussed, with Hella presenting its views and plans for the coming years.

Overall, Hella's appearance at Automechanisa Frankfurt 2022 was an impressive testament to the company and its position at the top of the automotive supply industry. With a perfect mix of innovation, interaction and information, Hella has once again proven that it is ready to take on the challenges of the future and lead the automotive industry into a new era.

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