couva boarding house
couva boarding house

Life and design. For Couva, they belong to the same person. Comfort, inspiration and atmosphere - we take it very seriously! Nobody is lost to us. Because every floor and every apartment is a world of its own: The pages in the Brockhaus encyclopedia are decorated with corridors. The second case is painted white, and the third clock houses the original collection of cuckoo clocks. Just like the floor, our apartment is designed with attention to detail. There are two styles.

couva boarding house 2
couva boarding house 3

Bohemian style with luxurious color combinations and charming pictures for a comfortable atmosphere. And in a fresh Scandinavian style: Here light colors and pure designs dominate, while the photo series plays its role in nature and pattern games. Color and wall photos are central themes in both lifestyles. Therefore Couva creates a unique atmosphere that can inspire you.

couva boarding house 4

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