svg+xml;charset=utf Calista Luxury Resort

The Calista Luxury Resort in Belek embodies luxury and modern design on the Turkish Riviera.

From the first step into the resort, you will be impressed by a fascinating mix of modern architecture and traditional elements, inspired by the natural shapes and colors of the Turkish landscape. The elegance continues in the accommodation, from the comfortable Standard Rooms to the opulent Presidential Suites, with every detail carefully considered.

The exclusive The resort's spa area offers a relaxing oasis, in the traditional Turkish baths with modern Massage techniques into one perfect Merge wellness experience.

Aside from relaxation, there are a wealth of activities available to guests. Whether it's sport, cultural tours in the picturesque surroundings or just the pleasure of sunbathing on the breathtaking beach, there is something for everyone.

svg+xml;charset=utf Calista Luxury Resort
svg+xml;charset=utf Calista Luxury Resort

Overall, Calista Luxury Resort is more than just accommodation. It is an experience that sets new standards in luxury and hospitality. A visit here promises not only relaxation, but also unforgettable memories in one of the most beautiful corners of Turkey.

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