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The time between birth and the moment when the children are out of the house, want to stand on their own two feet, start vocational training or attend university as students and finally write a dissertation, can be very exciting. For many families, a family holiday together is one of the most beautiful memories. But traveling with children is always a certain challenge for many parents. To ensure that your holiday is an unforgettable experience and that no mishaps spoil your holiday happiness, there are a few tips and tricks that ensure trouble-free travel with children.

Destination selection

Choosing the right travel destination can make a significant contribution to a relaxed holiday. The age of the children plays an important role here. A long long-distance journey can be very exhausting and nerve-wracking not only for parents, but also for babies and toddlers. The long journey, regardless of the car, train, plane or ship, is a stress test for the whole family. The older the children get, the longer the journeys are possible, because older children are often easier to keep busy during the journey.

Take advantage of family offers

There are numerous providers who have family offers with children's discounts. The advantage here is that the holiday is tailored to families with children from the outset. This usually means that not only are various leisure activities available nearby, but that the holiday home is also equipped with cots or high chairs and it is generally child-friendly accommodation. Children under the age of two can often travel with you free of charge. Some hotels and accommodation providers or cruise companies offer free travel for children under the age of twelve. When traveling outside the EU, you should also find out about the medical care in the country.

Older children in particular will certainly have fun helping to choose the holiday destination or choosing the accommodation. Does your child want to experience a lot on vacation, like children's programs in hotels or indoor playgrounds? Does your child love animals and would it feel at home on a farm? Or are the sea and beach, including sandcastle fun, better suited? Maybe you can let his preferences flow into your holiday planning.


Packing the suitcases

Anyone who has ever traveled with a baby or toddler knows that there is a lot to take with you. The baby equipment can be very extensive and it can quickly degenerate into stress if some things are forgotten and only have to be taken care of on vacation. Here it can help to create a list of things that will be needed on the trip several days before the holiday. It is helpful not to pack your suitcases just a few hours before departure, but to start early and only pack the things that are needed by the end of the day.

Tip: Many things such as diapers or baby food can also be bought on holiday. This can significantly reduce the amount of luggage. However, it is important to research in advance whether the items are available at the holiday destination. If you use a certain brand of diaper or value baby food from certain suppliers, you should have this in your luggage beforehand. Nothing is more stressful than a toddler scorning the other brand's mush.

Be prepared for anything

Even if you don't hope so, not every holiday is under a lucky star. Incidents can always occur, which should be planned for in advance. It's important to be prepared for anything, whether it's the child's unexpected cold, falls and injuries, or infected insect bites. Therefore, the following things should not be missing in the suitcase:

  • cooling pad
  • medication
  • Ointments for sunburn or insect bites 
  • vaccination card 
  • tick tongs 
  • health insurance card

child employment

On many vacations there are plenty of leisure activities available for families with children nearby. Nevertheless, the time between excursions and the journey to the destination should not be neglected. Bored and annoyed children can quickly attack the family blessing and turn the holiday into a test of patience. There is a simple solution for these moments, because if you have thought about packing your favorite toy or taking enough things to do in between, you are on the safe side. Audio plays, coloring books, books or travel board games are suitable for long journeys. Older children like to play with game consoles or tablets. Even their favorite cuddly toy can cause frustration in many moments, because even when mom and dad are with them, many children get homesick on a trip. The toy can easily be placed in a child's backpack where your child can access it at all times.

changes and routines

A holiday represents an enormous change for parents and children. A new environment, new accommodation and many new impressions can be confusing, especially for the little ones. This is where sticking to certain routines can help. These include, for example, fixed bed times and meal times. If you have a specific ritual, such as brushing your teeth together, reading your favorite stories before bed, or turning on the light from the children's room at home, you shouldn't do without it on vacation either. At the same time, it is important not to plan your vacation too carefully. A certain degree of flexibility when it comes to planned activities on vacation can never hurt and ensures that all family members are much more relaxed.